Collage of pictures of the various Identity shops in Afflecks Palace and Afflecks Arcade

Manchester in the Area

A short introduction to how a t-shirt became part of musical history and helped put Manchester firmly on the cultural map.

For those of you who don't know the story behind 'Identity', Leo B Stanley or the 6th day t-shirts, this website will explain all.

In 1983, Leo Stanley (the 'B' came later!) opened a small unit in Afflecks Palace, on Church Street, Manchester. The shop had a few different names before Leo settled on 'Identity' in 1986. The empire eventually expanded to take over half of the ground floor in Afflecks Palace, a shop in Afflecks Arcade on Oldham Street, another outlet on the 2nd floor of Afflecks Palace and a further 2 in the Royal Exchange. In it's time 'Identity' went through quite a lot of fashion phases from Goth to Rockabilly and from Indie to Casual, but it's claim to fame was the 'Acid House' period in 1988. Baggy dungarees, baggy jeans, baggy anything really and then finally flares.

Alongside the flares came the t-shirts. Some of you may have come to this website specifically to find the now legendary 6th Day t-shirt. The fact that it has been around since 1988 and is now part of Manchester history might be completely new to you. Perhaps you have just seen the t-shirt recently and think it is a new thing. You might not be interested in the history and just want to buy the t-shirt. If so, look no further, well just a couple more clicks!

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Identity, Oldham Street, Afflecks Arcade

Oldham Street, Afflecks Arcade

Photo by Ian Tilton

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Ian Brown by Ian Tilton

Ian Brown taken by legendary rock photographer Ian Tilton