The Memories

Not quite sure how I've ended up here to be honest Haha! only kiddin :)

David Burgess and I had a bit of an exchange of conversation about The Venue (The Olden days! ha) and he passed onto you a little hello from me on Saturday, anyway he left this link to drop you a line, so here I am. Love the website by the way, didn't know it existed and it brought back so many happy memories of a time when Manchester really exploded into something else, and I'm so glad that I was there in the thick of it all and somehow still managed to survive to tell the tale.

As for the The Venue, well what more can I say other than you made all my weekends in there the best nights out I ever had, the tunes, the laughs, the company, the love, it was amazing. Do you remember that tape you did for me back in the day? well I still have it, it must be 20 odd years old now, just a few years younger than me! haha.

I remember you wouldn't take anything off me for the tape, so I bought you a little rag doll that you hung up behind you in the dj booth, the memories are endless, another one that jogged my memory and made me laugh whilst looking through your website was the Flares...It was the end of the night in The Venue and you appeared out of the dj booth in the widest pair of flares we had ever seen, we all looked at each other and just burst out laughing to which you said "Ay everyone will be wearing these soon" sure enough 2/3 weeks later we were all in there wearing them. haha! Happy days.

Wish we could turn back the clock, I'd give a kidney to be back in there fooling around without a care in the world, falling over stools onto the sticky carpet en route to the loo. Funny how I always managed to keep hold of me can of Breakers without spilling a single drop...there's an art in that you know ;)

OK ramble over, sorry for going on a bit. Memories of The Venue make me giddy and all that. So blame David, ha ha.

Hope you're good
Love, peace and harmony
Helen x


Leo wearing the famous '6th Day' t-shirt

Leo wearing the famous '6th Day' t-shirt


Just wanted to send this email to say so glad I have found your site! Having owned one of your t-shirts & being part of it all back in the day - my husband still has his original long sleeve IDENTITY 'On the sixth day' hoody t- shirt from raving nights at the HAC! I bought the t- shirt again last year for my 11 year old son from the Manchester store (bit big for him still) - been looking ever since for more for my youngest lad who is 5. I have a canvas already, to remind us all in my house & just ordered the 'Seventh day' canvas from you today. Would like to know if you could print a bigger size of this canvas with different coloured background?? Also the 'Born in the North' canvas too? Anyway just wanted to say I love the site - great to see all the original designs - love them & will be ordering more!

Thanks Tamara Patton


Hi, I just wanted to drop you a line and say you have saved my life. I will be attending the up and coming Stone Roses gig on the 1st July at Heaton Park whoop whoop!!... So I thought I would hunt my original 'On the sixth day god created Manchester' t-shirt out (which I bought from Afflecks Palace back in 88-89) only to find that over the last 22-24 years I have grown a rather large lump where my sixpack used to be lol! So you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon your online store, found the t-shirt and will be purchasing it when I have saved up (after paying the over inflated price for the gig ticket). I just can't get over the fact that you're still doing thease top t's. When I get my new t the old one is being framed ready to take its place on my music wall.

Thanks again, Dave

6th day

I recently had a tattoo on my Manchester themed leg and it says "and on the sixth day god created MANchester". I was also wanting to add the cherub (in your design) to a gaping space awaiting it. Problem is I'm struggling to catch a good photo of it and could do with a digital copy of the cherub if possible. It would solely be used for this and can be sent direct to my tattooist if wanted.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message, Ben Beswick


Hi Leo,
I received the print and (replacement) top today. Thank you ever so much. I only wish you still did the hoodies like you did back in the day :o). I had both of the designs and loved them both dearly, as much as the amazing time I had before, during and after the Madchester era. Being from Stalybridge and spending many weekends in Manchester City Centre and walking around Afflecks through the buzz, the atmosphere, the smell. You felt like you were walking through something at the time but I'm not sure we really knew what it was at the time but we do now as I've never seen any 'movement' like that happen again. Perhaps it never will.

I returned to Afflecks many years later and found your Born in the North shirt. I instantly recognised your design and had to have one.

After bringing in the new year with the most fantastic group of fellow Manchester people who loved The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, New Order, 808 State etc and danced solidly for six hours as I DJ'd through to 4am I decided it was time to seek you out and get my 'new school' gear which I will wear with pride during my next gig to celebrate some friends 25th wedding anniversary. "Jesus liked to party too".

Please feel free to use the attached photos for your site. They are circa 1988/1989 I think when our hairdo's were scarily similar! :o)

All the very best.

Spencer wearing his '7th Day' t-shirt in 1988/89

Spencer wearing his '7th Day' t-shirt in 1988/89


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